Breezy Days: Goodbye Facebook!


September 9, 2011

Goodbye Facebook!

I've decided to delete my facebook and just stick to updating my blog once a week for many reasons.

1. I spend way too much time facebook stalking (secret's out! ok, not really)
2. I can spend my time doing more productive things
     a. Doing homework
     b. Sleeping
     c. Reading
     d. Going to the gym
     e. Honing my cooking/decorating/officiating/tennis/music skillage
     f. Actually CALLING to contact people to eventually see them FACE-TO-FACE rather than
      commenting on a bunch of crap online
     g. (insert a reason why you should delete your fb too)

Thus, after this weekend I'm going to delete it and go back to the pre-fb way of living. I will do my best to update here on my newly fabulous blog! Things to come:

-Pictures of our newly decorated awesome sauce basement apartment
-What married people actually do in their spare time
-School information
-and much more!

I love you all and hope to see comments on here from you! If you want to send me a lengthy message my email is:

<3 Bri

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