Breezy Days: The Going About's of an Old-Fart Married Couple


September 25, 2011

The Going About's of an Old-Fart Married Couple

Ok, ok, we've only been married about four months but we are definitely fall-ing ;) into a rhythm. YET, we still keep our spark (like we need to worry about losing it) by doing very exciting things such as....
Going the the World of Dance production at BYU for Ryan's humanities class. Which was full of very talented and entertaining performances including: folk dance, ballroom, ballet, tap (to "Party Rock Anthem"!), and contemporary. I've never been a huge fan of contemporary because it's usually the same flailing around the stage just to a different song every time, and a different tortured love scene. Through my many years of a So You Think You Can Dance obsession, I can now say it's my professional opinion that contemporary is poop. Especially when people at byu are flailing around in ORANGE TIE-DYE SPANDEX and pushing around a trampoline. What the fluff?!
Sept. 23, 2011....BYU vs. UofU
Most. Depressing. Game. Ever. We had the most BOMB seats ever, 10 rows behind the endzone, and what does byu do? FUMBLE THE BALL MULTIPLE TIMES. We still had fun though, anddd we ate churros. My fav :) 
...and btw that's Evan, my brother, he is 18 at byu with me and is sometimes mistaken to be my: twin, boyfriend, or husband. Awwwwwwwk.
And finally...craft time! I found that vintage Coca-Cola wooden crate at a yard sale and absolutely HAD to have it. I had to explain to Ryan: "We can't make one at home, it's VINTAGE". He didn't particularly understand buuut still got it. The fabric underneath was 3 bucks a yard and I just sewed up the edges to make it all purdy (first time busting out my sewing machine in a while, it felt good, like getting back to the gym after being in a I should be doing, going the the gym...eek). And there is Halloween candy from Winco in the canisters in the Coca-Cola box :)

Last night I was on a craft craze and it was a life or death situation if I didn't make it to Michaels to get stuff to make my wreath. Ryan was extremely patient for a while until we were wandering around the store for twine then we were done. Props to my manly man for meandering a craft store. Wreath soon to be posted! And I'm looking at sewing a maxi skirt.... cross your fingers for me! 

<3 Bri


haleygirl said...

B-ANA! I love your blog! I loved seeing you at my party thing I will talk to jeff about doubling because I wanna see you again you have a glorious wedding glow! love you!

Unknown said...

Thanks!! And I am totally down for a double date with my new brother-in-law :)

haleygirl said...

hhahahaha! yes!!