Breezy Days: Dedicated to Evan and Jesse


June 21, 2011

Dedicated to Evan and Jesse

No the apocalypse hasn't come. I cook!

Growing up I never felt the need to cook. Evan and Jesse were growing boys, thus they ate 24/7. My mom got sick of cooking for their bottomless stomaches and demanded that they learn how to cook for themselves. I don't eat like a crazy baboon so I didn't cook, just when Evan/Jesse was cooking I'd say "Hey, make one for me!" 
So Evan and Jesse's conclusion was that I couldn't cook. 
It's not that I didn't know how, it's just that I never  had to. 

Life has changed and now let's do the math...
A: Married a boy who plays football and eats non-stop
B: I'm just sitting at home all day resting before the hectic school year and work
C: I've started to become bored and now call my mom for recipes and look up stuff on and

Here are some pictures of a couple of my beautiful creations.
He loves mac&cheese so I'd thought I would make it a kids theme night dinner. 
Mac & cheese, celery with peanut butter and chocolate chips, and chocolate jell-o pudding with strawberries on top for dessert.
We LOVE brownies. The dollar box kind. I made the nice thick moist ones. Yummmm
I'll introduce you to my mixer and my crock-pot. I am in love with them! Wedding presents that I have used almost everyday. 

Fav recipes:
-Lipton onion pot roast
-Vegetable dip (it has tons of sugar in it which is probably why everyone loves it)
-Fruit salad (with marshmellows, cool whip, marachino cherries, mandarin oranges, etc)
-Chicken with cream of celery, mushroom, and chicken in a crockpot with rice 
-Mushroom caps with parmesan, cream cheese, and bacon bits
-Banana bread

Going to try:
-Making paninis
-More bread recipes (who doesn't love bread?)
-Mexican food! Specifically carne asada. (That's a given)

Annnddddd I'm hungry now. My banana bread is calling to me.


Jen Castagno said...

aw you are turning into a cute little wife!!

Kelli Duthrie said...

Look at you!! Domestic goddess! What is your favorite recipe of What do you think of the book compared to the website? Are they pretty similar? I hope things are going well!

Unknown said...

Thanks Jen!!! :) Kelli, I used a couple of the recipes from my book and I totally forgot my book up in our storage unit in Orem! My aunt who is obsessed with cooking said that she likes the book better because she feels that she isn't killing a bunch of trees and it has their best and most popular recipes in there. The next recipe I want to try is this panini one, it looks mega good! Love ya and can't wait to see you guys!