Breezy Days: Portlandia


June 29, 2011


Currently Ryan & I are residing in Tigard, Oregon which is pretty much in Portland. Here is a list of reasons why Oregon is not our state:
  • Everyone is dressed in one of the following styles: like they are ready to run a marathon, go hike Mt. Everest, lay in bed all day, or go to a Nirvana concert
  • The speed limit is 55mph on the freeways which is not conducive to my California "driving with a purpose" style. For example...when there is hideous traffic, it's usually because someone is pulled over for speeding. What a bunch of looky-loos!! Speaking of which....
  • THEY ALL STARE. Portland people stare. A lot. 
  • Lastly, I have come to realize that I have been flipped off and stared down more here than I ever have been in California and Utah combined. Aren't these supposed to be nice hippie organic fruity people!?
All in all. Ryan and I have decided not to live in this state. Where the sun hardly shines, the freeways are slow, and the people are still living in the 90's. Speaking of which....
If you've never been to Portland, this is what it is really like. No kidding. 

Oh California, how I have come to appreciate and love you. :)


Eric and Chelsea said...

DUDE that show is funny and it's sssooo true! haha

Unknown said...

Have you seen "Put a Bird on it" or "Is it local?" ?? SO FUNNY. After living in Portland area it makes SOOO much sense, and it cracks me up :)