Breezy Days: June 4th, 2011


June 15, 2011

June 4th, 2011

I'll set the scene...Ryan and I were to be married at 11am at the San Diego temple. We are driving in the car with my parents, about 25 minutes away from my house when Ryan is making small talk and says "Ya, I just found your jetta keys in my church pants..."Then he started trailing off saying something else while my brain went into a whirlwind.
Last time we drove it, yesterday where I saw the...
Wedding license, in between the seats.
My dad whips the car around while I call the temple apologizing and saying that we were going to be late. The lady on the phone tells me to calm down and says "Whatever time you get here is the perfect time to get married." For some reason that doesn't make me feel calm. 
We get to the temple, rip inside and get ready.
After we got there, I felt more at peace. {And that was not a result from what the lady was telling me on the phone}

Everything was just beautiful, the whole day was absolutely gorgeous and perfect. The temple grounds, the look on Ryan's face when I walked out and he saw me in my dress, my family with smiles all over their faces, all my friends there to support me laughing and smiling, my dad's face during the wedding, everyone's tuxes and dresses, the beach pictures that we took after the wedding, the reception in my backyard that was covered in: puff balls, flowers, twinkle lights, and loads of good food! {Ribs in homemade sauce, chicken, rolls, potato salad, lots of desserts, and novelty glass bottle sodas}

A wedding is like cramming for a final. After hours and hours of planning/studying out what you want and need to know, you are racing to get everything finished right up until the last minute and by the time that day comes you just have to rely on the preparation you worked so hard to complete. Focus on him, how awesome you look :), and the meaning of the day.
You are being sealed to your best friend for all time and eternity.

Venturing out to conquer life with Ryan at my side is a really comforting thought. I wouldn't have picked anyone else. He makes me feel happy, loved, confident, and secure when I'm with him.

 {And if all else fails, if I'm upset he will turn into his alter-cholo ego and beat someone up for me. Now that's true love}

-Brianna Nicole Rios


Kayleigh said...

bri. i love your blog. and you. and ryan. and your wedding invite was super lovely. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks!!! Glad to know people liked the wedding invite. And we love you too :)