Breezy Days: Airport Travel Essentials With TWIX Bites


June 6, 2014

Airport Travel Essentials With TWIX Bites

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I just flew down from Salt Lake City, UT to Long Beach, CA to spend a couple of weeks with my family. Jesse's high school graduation was this past Wednesday, girl vacay with my mom next week, and then driving with Jesse back to Provo so he can start his journey at BYU. Now that I just ended my experience at BYU, I'm so excited for Jesse to start his. I have made this flight more times than I can count, so I have my travel tote down to a science! Meaning that chocolate is always a travel essential ;)

// Big tote: This is a no-brainer. I have a lot of crap which means I need somewhere to put it. This cute Francesca's Collections tote I snagged last summer is still one of my favorites! {similar}

// Make-up bag: This Stella & Dot pouf has been a life saver! It fits my make-up, pain relievers, mirror, eye drops, Altoids, and more random necessities. I take this with me everywhere because it's nice to have a 

// Lightweight scarf: Even though I made my way down to warm California where I most definitely don't need a scarf, I still wear one on the flight as a makeshift pillow or to keep me cozy on the chilly plane. {similar}

// Fashion magazines & a good book: My favorite mindless reading is fashion magazines, specifically Glamour and InStyle. So many cute outfits, so little money! I also bring along a book when I want to get lost in a really good story. This time I picked up John Greens "Looking for Alaska," after "The Fault in Our Stars" I'm so excited to get started on this one! 

// TWIX On-the-Go Bites: Chocolate. Bite-size. Enough said. And by the way...#EatMoreBites

// Ear buds: On the Jet Blue flights they have TV screens on the back of every headrest, so I get to watch whatever trashy Bravo shows I want during my flight. They always try to rent out headphones on the flight, but I come prepared with my own comfortable Apple ear buds! 

// Slip-on sandals: Going through airport security is such a hassle! Having to borderline strip down for a whole 3 minutes to then make yourself presentable again before the person behind you runs you over is really a struggle. This probably won't be a good suggestion for all the germaphobes out there, but I like to wear slip-on sandals walking through security. No lacing/unlacing, buckling/unbuckling, zippering/unzippering makes life so much easier! 

// Crystal light: I'm trying to veer myself off of soda, especially since bloating and swimsuits don't really mix. I usually buy a water bottle before hopping on the plane so I can drop in a Strawberry Crystal Light packet and enjoy a delicious drink on the way to my destination!

// Big sunglasses: I invested in a good pair of sunglasses for the summer, these tortoiseshell cat-eye ones from Anthropologie are everything! I feel confident, stylish, and it helps in protecting my eyes and skin from the sun. Score!

Having a snack for the plane is an absolute necessity! I picked up these Bite-size TWIX at my local Orem Walmart to stash in my airport bag. I gotta have something to munch on when waiting to board, or waiting to take off...or waiting on the plane. There is a lot of waiting going on! Use this deal from to get 50 cents off any two MARS brand bites off 2 oz. or larger which includes: TWIX, 3 MUSKETEERS, MILKY WAY, and SNICKERS; so you can have your own bite-size chocolate to mindlessly eat ;)

Or click on the button below for a special Social Twist coupon! $1 off when you buy two 2.83 oz. or larger bags OR $3 off when you buy two 6 oz. or larger bags. Because who doesn't love chocolate on vacation?! Safe & tasty travels! #CollectiveBias


PrettyLuckyMama said...

You can never go wrong with a large tote bag especially when it's cute :) sunglasses are always a must too and those snacks yum !!!!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing what's in other people's travel bags! That scarf is beautiful and those TWIX Bits are addictive! #client