Breezy Days: Beach Pants


June 8, 2014

Beach Pants

I've been in California for a few days now and I'm already getting tan lines, I'm convinced the sun does not work in Utah! Jesse's graduation was at 2pm on a 90 degree day which meant my legs were burnt in no time, yikes! It was exciting though to see the youngest in my family graduate from high school and look forward to moving to Provo in a couple weeks to start BYU. Carrying on the family tradition :D

By the way, I got these pants a few summers back but they are still some of my favorites. They are lightweight linen, the perfect summer beach pant! American Eagle has these new ones out that I've been eyeing for a I might have to pick some up while I'm down here. 

My dad and brother leave for their week long Yosemite hiking trip tonight, which means GIRRLLLSSSS PARTAY all this week! We've got Disneyland, the beach, shopping, pedicures, pool time, massages, and watching Grey's Anatomy on the docket. Then I'll be driving with Jesse back up to Utah next Wednesday, and by that time Ryan will be beggin' me to come home ;)

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Susan Joy said...

Me and my husband are doing just about the same thing in a couple of months! Andrew's going to Yosemite with his dad and I get to spend the week with the girls! Have fun!