Breezy Days: My To-Do List


June 2, 2014

My To-Do List

While I {sometimes} seem easygoing, I work best with a game plan and a to-do list. I visit my Any.Do app religiously and relish crossing off errands on my list. I write out Ryan's work schedule along with our summer plans on the big calendar in our kitchen so we can plan life accordingly. Seeing as how this next month is gonna be crazy, here is my current to-do list!

// Start packing carry-on & suitcase for flight this Tuesday {SLC--->LB}
// Reschedule dermatologist appointment
// Finish washing & folding laundry {I always put off laundry}
// Purchase Us the Duo tickets for August 
// Go grocery shopping for Ryan {so he doesn't wither away while I'm gone}
// Get new blog business cards from
// Plan blog pictures to take in CA {the beach!}
// Make solid plans for Sacramento trip at the end of this month {rental car, hotel, SF sights}
// Wash & clean my car 
// Give Ryan lots of hugs & besitos before I leave!

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Kirst Semler said...

I do the exact same thing. Every morning I write out a to do list for home and errands and a second to do list for my school work and my husbands work schedule. I feel so much more organized and accomplished. Especially after I get to check something off!