Breezy Days: October Leaves


October 24, 2016

October Leaves

It's now that time of year where my hair only has to look decent from my ears down. Beanies for the win! It wasn't until after this shoot that I realized I pretty much blend in with the surroundings, I guess you could say that I was inspired by nature :D

This Friday is Ryan's 30th birthday, which is NUTS. I remind him all the time how old he is getting, even though 30 isn't old whatsoever haha We are going to the Jazz/Lakers game and will be in the lower bowl (thanks DevMtn!), and we are pumped. Dippin' Dots for daysssss.

Excited for birthday and Halloween celebrations this weekend, gonna go out of October with a bang! :)

Jacket: J.Crew
Beanie: Forever 21 
Ave Boots c/o Shoedazzle 

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