Breezy Days: New York Travel Guide: Day 2


May 11, 2017

New York Travel Guide: Day 2

Our next day in New York was the following Tuesday since we spent Sunday in Philly touring and visiting friends :) This was our first day of really tourist-y attractions, and it was absolutely perfect weather! 

Boat cruise on Hudson River
We used our credit card points to get Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise tickets, and loved it! We passed by Ellis Island, Governors Island, Statue of Liberty, and got great views of both the New Jersey and Manhattan skylines. We weren't interested in getting off the boat at any of the islands, so this was the perfect choice for us. It was about an hour long, we had a guide giving history on each of the locations, and the boat slowed down for us to take Statue of Liberty pictures. Perfect :)

Bought tickets at TKTS South Street Seaport location
This location was right next to the pier where our boat tour was, and we waited in line less than 5 minutes. I heard it was a lot less busy than the Times Square location, so this worked out perfect! You can only purchase tickets same-day afternoon or evening, or next-day afternoon; and you have to make your decision quick.

We decided on Wednesday at 2pm to see School of Rock. We got both tickets for a total of $160, and were placed in Row 2 of the Orchestra section. After looking them up online, we found that the tickets were running over $150 for EACH ticket. Score!

We were so hungry, that there was no food photography happening haha! This was Ryan & I's first time at a Shake Shack and we loved it. We got the mushroom burgers and a concrete shack, and devoured it tout suite. This location was right down the street from the One World Center, our next stop. 

We spent 3+ hours in the museum and at the pools outside, it was incredibly moving and impeccably curated. I was only 8 years old when 9/11 happened, but I remember the fear and subsequent patriotism Americans felt during that time. This was such a beautiful tribute to those who lost their lives, and the families they left behind. You can't go to NY without spending an afternoon here. 

Eggloo on 60 Mulberry Street
On our way to Chinatown, we stopped by this Instagram-worthy ice cream shop. The waffles were amazzzzing, pretty much the best part of the treat :) 

Little Italy and Chinatown
Ryan did some bartering in Chinatown, and we walked through both areas of New York. So cool to see all the culture and bright lights :)

Day 2 Itinerary  
1. Boat cruise on Hudson River
2. Bought School of Rock tickets at TKTS Seaport location
3. Shake Shack for lunch
4. 9/11 Museum & Memorial
5. Eggloo ice cream
6. Chinatown & Little Italy

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