Breezy Days: New York Travel Guide: Day 3


May 16, 2017

New York Travel Guide: Day 3

This was another 'touristy' day with perfect weather. By this day my feet were killling me, but pushed through the pain cause I had to see all the things! More treats, and NY views below :) 

This was our breakfast haha! I got the Chocolate Dream (brownie batter + Oreo cookies + chocolate chips) and Ryan got Cake Batter (cake batter + white chips + chocolate chips + sprinkles). We lucked out and had virtually no line to wait for our cookie dough ice cream :) This is a NY must-have, and definitely worth the stop. 

School of Rock Musical on Broadway
These were the tickets we got at the TKTS booth at Seaport the day previous! We ended up in the 2nd row of Orchestra, and it was cool to see a show on Broadway. Especially for a discount ;) We walked a bit around Times Square after the show, then went on the search for food. 

St. Patricks Cathedral: 5th Avenue 
We stopped by this iconic cathedral, smack in the middle of the city. It still amazes me how all these old buildings still hold their integrity with how much growth New York has seen. I love the random churches and parks we found in the industrial cityscape. 

Top of the Rock: 30 Rockefeller Plaza
This was Ryan's #1 favorite thing we did during our trip. We visited the top of the Rockefeller center at sunset/nighttime to see all of NY. It was absolutely stunning :) 

We purchased our tickets with credit card points which gave us a voucher. When buying your ticket or cashing in your voucher, they give you a timeframe that is next available. We ended up killing over an hour of time waiting for our timeframe. Just a heads up to grab your Top of the Rock tickets earlier in the day so you can select which timeframe works best for you!

Times Square at night
This was insane!! I've never experience something like this, and it's a must-do during your NY trip. 

Day 3 Itinerary
1. DO: Cookie Dough Confections
2. School of Rock musical @2pm on Broadway
3. St Patricks Cathedral
4. Top of the Rock
5. Walk through Times Square at night

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