Breezy Days: Spring Tie-Dye


April 12, 2018

Spring Tie-Dye

No joke, I took these photos just a few days ago when it was beautiful and sunny outside. And now it's a miserable visit back to winter. What the heck Utah?!

I've been itching for the warmer weather to stay, and can't wait for all the fun outdoor activities. This summer my friend is getting me into roller-blading, and I'm looking forward to living all my 90s blading dreams :D 

I keep stocking up all this warm-weather gear saying it's for our trip to Switzerland, but it's really because I can't pass up all the cute spring stuff! I got this tie dye top from Westlane, and it's not only adorable but incredibly soft. 

What activities or trips are you looking forward to this summer? 

Mom Jeans: American Eagle
Bow Slides: Marc Fisher via Nordstrom Rack
Hoops: Anthropologie


britney said...

Nice collection and yah spring is my fav season for fashion as well.

britney said...

I always love spring for fashion

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