Breezy Days: An Itch


January 28, 2015

An Itch

I keep hearing myself repeat "life is so busy!" to everyone who asks how I'm doing. I'm positive that it's probably the most annoying response to any question about your life. Pretty much no one cares. Other than my mom...but that's what moms are for. 

I've started doing Kayla's BBG with Mrs. Auteur Ariel which is kicking my rear, but I'm DETERMINED to finish it. It's a long (and hopefully quick) 12 weeks and I'm nearing the end of Week #3. We are vacationing to Hawaii in April and goshdarnit I'm gonna look amazing in every swimsuit picture. 

My day typically looks as follows...Working out from 9-10am, showering, lunching with Ryan, both of us leaving for work before noon. I work until 6-7pm depending on the load, I come home to watch trashy tv....mayyyyyybe clean the house if I'm feeling really adventurous and then hang with Ryan from 9pm till I fall asleep. Guys, I'm really not that exciting at all. 

Something is missing. While I love what I'm doing...I feel that familiar nag that I get when life is busy. 

I have the urge to practice my piano, go ballroom dancing, blog more, learn a song and sing it loudly, arrange flowers, make a craft, re-learn Spanish. Apparently I thrive on the creative touchy feely side of my brain/heart, weird how that works for us creatives ;) So here I am blogging, and off to go practice some Spanish to scratch that familiar itch. 

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Unknown said...

OK ... firstly, what IS that you are eating????? It looks like heaven in a cup!!!
Secondly, I feel you! Lately I've been feeling like something is missing too. I just can't shake it.
It is good you're scratching your itch!! We need to keep on growing and learning in life to keep our souls happy! So good luck with the piano and Spanish!! ;)