Breezy Days: Jokes


January 13, 2015


This is picture evidence of Ryan and I finally getting around to picking up our house so it doesn't look like a complete trash-pit. 

While it's been crazy busy around these parts, I've also been very happy. 

I love where and who I work with. They value the hard work I put in, which makes me want to work harder and do better. Ryan is finally getting the surgery we've been waiting 2 months for. The poor guy has been in constant pain but has been a champ through it all. I've started a new workout regimen with my friend Ariel that's going to kick our tushes and get us in shape #thekaylamovement. I've been eating healthier the past week and a half (1 week sober from soda) and have been feeling really good. 

Evan comes home in 2 and a half months and I'm over the moon about it. While he wants to live in Mexico and be a missionary forever (too cute), it's time for him to come home. I miss him. We are taking a family trip in April before Jesse leaves for his mission this summer, and I'm twitching with excitement. 

Sometimes I wonder what I did to be so lucky in life. Do I really deserve all this happiness?  I was just thinking that this morning on the way to work. Then I discovered my tire had a screw in it...and there's life crackin' a good ole joke. Keeping me on my toes. 

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The Charley Girl said...

I love all of these colors! Great shot.