Breezy Days: UNPLUGGED // A phone free networking event


May 26, 2015

UNPLUGGED // A phone free networking event

Location: Sodalicious @ The Village Apartments (602 N 600 E Provo, UT)

Does anyone even remember the last time you didn't have a glowing screen in front of your face? Whether that be a smart phone, laptop, tv, or iPad...I constantly have one burning into my eyeballs! DevMountain is sponsoring this event: Unplugged/A Phone Free Networking Event, where you check in your phones at the door and get some much needed human interaction!

Come for a free Sodalicious soda, live music, face-to-face communication with rad locals, and to chill with a boa constrictor...for serious! 

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Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

Just say the word Sodalicious and I'm in! I love that place way too much.