Breezy Days: Luau Festive


May 6, 2015

Luau Festive

This is the outfit I wore when exploring the PCC! I loved wearing my happy yellow Flor de Luz blouse because it's comfortable, festive, and hid that luau food baby after eating all that delicious taro island bread pudding :)

I picked up this purse/backpack from Target right before we flew to Hawaii because I didn't want to lug around a heavy purse the entire trip. This backpack was the right size to hold everything I needed, but made me edit what I really needed to lug around. Plus hot pink? Legit.

Isn't the handmade embroidery to die for on this blouse?! Also, I didn't wear much jewelry most of the trip besides some simple bangles and necklace. It added that extra glitz, but wasn't too heavy or in the way!

Blouse c/o Flor de Luz Shop
Blue druzy bracelet c/o Candles and Confetti
Lashes from @layers_n_lashes 
Pink backpack: Target

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