Breezy Days: Poipu Beach


May 20, 2015

Poipu Beach

One of our more "relax" days we hit up Poipu beach where the water was a beautiful 3 shades of blue and there was this fun rock jetty going out into the ocean. I ordered this romper from Asos and it was one of my favorite vacation purchases. I wore it ALL the time during the trip! It was flowy, lightweight, and I could throw it on over a swimsuit and go out to eat.

Another favorite that I picked up for Hawaii were my Rainbow sandals. I've never owned a pair before, which is shocking since practically everyone in my high school had some. I got mine from Flip Flop Shops in the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, UT where they had a ton of options. 

It took me a while to break them in, but once I did they were amazing! They can withstand all the wear and tear from sweat, sand, ocean, water, climbing on rocks, and everything else I put them through. Gosh, these pictures make me want to hop another plane right back there! :)

Braided one-piece swimsuit: Victoria's Secret
Rainbow sandals c/o Flip Flop Shops (Fashion Place Mall in UT)
Backpack: Target
Sunglasses: Anthropologie


agapske said...

I love that romper on you! Rompers have quickly become one of my favorite summer pieces!

Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

Unknown said...

LOVED that beach. And you look great!