Breezy Days: Snowy Plaid


February 20, 2016

Snowy Plaid

I know I know, I was just raving about spring in the last post; but the snow isn't melting fast enough and it makes for good photo ops. You dig? I gotta be honest, Ryan and I have been so boring the past few months. Busy for sure, but so boring

Ryan has got 3 more semesters in BYU's Business School finishing his undergrad, and I'm working full-time and also taking the UI/UX Design After Hours class that is offered at my work. We are doing good things, but hardly have any down time. It's the constant battle of balance! Right now my house is not decorated and looks like a bomb hit it, but I'm creating iOS app interfaces like a beginning champ and Ryan is acing tests. We win some and lose some!

Speaking of which, our goal is to get some things hung on the wall before the end of the weekend, lofty goals huh? haha! Btw, this tee is from ModBod and is super comfy! It's a short sleeve and is the perfect layering tee :) I'm going to be showing off 2 more looks featuring ModBod tees, so stay tuned! 

Plaid top: Nordstrom (similar)
Tee c/o ModBod
Jeans: Loft
Boots: Hunter

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