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August 3, 2016

My Experience with Microblading // Layers n' Lashes

I am naturally blonde which means I have no eyebrows. Not kidding, they are so blonde look non-existent! Ever since the full "brow trend" came around a few years ago I started filling them in with a pencil and started off too dark (yikes!), then I was shaping them wrong. The brows were a hot mess. 

Once I heard about microblading I texted my lash girl and asked when she was getting certified cause I needed brows stat! Microblading is using a small blade to semi-permanently tattoo little strokes to simulate eyebrow hairs. My first appointment took a little over an hour long and my girl Nicole was extremely meticulous about the shape and color. She numbed my brow area then started microblading the tiny hair strokes in. A few days after the appointment my eyebrow area started to scab and flake off. It wasn't the prettiest, but that was what is supposed to happen so the color could reveal itself underneath. 

During that process my skin rejected the color because my skin likes to be weird :/ It was a huge bummer, but Nicole has my back ;) She brought me in for another appointment, we decided to go for more of a brown shade with the coloring and she did my brows again. The color stuck and now they are gorgeous! I love leaving them alone when I'm in a morning rush, and when I do a full face of makeup I touch them up with a little bit of pencil and voila! They are supposed to fade over the next year then I'll get them touched up, perfectly low-key and fabulous :) 

Contact Nicole at Layers n' Lashes to schedule a lash or microblading appointment, she's the only person I trust with my lashes and brows! 


Krystal // The Krystal Diaries said...

I've been so interested in this but I'm just too scared to do it. I always worry someone will do a horrible job and I'll be stuck with bad eyebrows.

Patricio Pantheleon said...

It is good you have someone you trust your brows and lashes with. Would love to have this and check out this eyebrow microblading in Manila as it is near to my location.

Elisha said...

I also want to share my eyebrow microblading experience. Its one of the best decision I've made.

Jackie said...

One of the best eyebrow microblading is in Manila. It was memorable and I am happy for the result. You can try it.

Maheen Fatima said...

Microblading is really great treatment; I was looking for a procedure like this. thanks for sharing this article. by this procedure i dont need to put make up again and again.