Breezy Days: Tips for Hosting a Last Minute Party


August 18, 2016

Tips for Hosting a Last Minute Party

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During football season we are constantly having last-minute visitors to our home to host for various football games. Ryan gets to chatting with friends, and next thing I know we are having a little party at our house...with no preparation on my end! I have a few tips and a "plan of attack" for getting your house and yourself ready at a speedy pace! 

Fix yourself up
For some reason every time we have last minute guests, I have my hair in a ratty top knot and haven't worn make-up for days. My favorite go-to hairstyle is a messy pony with sea salt spray then scrunching it up for texture. Then I fill in my eyebrows with pencil and slap on some colored lip balm to give my face some definition. Then I feel a whole lot better about hosting a party and entertaining guests because I know I won't look like a zombie! 

Put in your order at Sam's Club
Before you start the craziness of picking up the house, pick up your phone and put in an order for the $13.98 Coca-Cola & Pizza Combo deal at Sam's Club Cafe. You get a bundle of goodies, such as a 16-Inch Pizza, Cheesy Breadsticks, Cookies, and one 2L of Coca-Cola. You want to make sure it is all cooked and ready for pick up by the time you're done pulling the house together! 

Tidy up the living room 
This is the first impression for guests walking through the door, and where they will be spending most of their time when at our home. I fold all the blankets and put them in our blanket basket, put the pillows back in place, put remotes into drawers and move on to the next task! 

Dust main surfaces
I have a little dust wand that I glide over all the main surfaces that my guests will be seeing. Which typically includes: side table, television, TV stand, decorative shelving, and window sills. Quick way to make it look like you took time to clean the house! 

Hide 'yo kids hide yo' stuff ;)
Let's be real. No one is going to be searching every nook and cranny in your home for personal belongings. When I'm crunched on time, all the extras go into closets or into our bedroom upstairs where guests won't see it. 

Wipe down kitchen, dining room & guest bathroom countertops 
I may be personally pick about this, but I like clearing off main surfaces to give the appearance of a clean house. I especially focus on the bathroom, because I don't want guests to feel uncomfortable using a "lived in" restroom. I always have cleaning supplies in each bathroom to make tidy-ing up that much easier. 

Pick up the Family Meal Deal at Sam's Club
We got to feed our guests! Since I called ahead to my local Sam's Club Cafe and ordered the New Family Meal Deal, it was ready in less than 20 minutes and now is ready for pick-up. I send Ryan to go pick it up while I'm finishing up on the house. Not only is it convenient and delicious, but it's also $13.98 for the whole pack! That is one CRAZY awesome deal! 

It is the perfect solution for a quick dinner and another perk is that I didn't have to cook a thing! I always have football themed napkins and cups on hand, so I pull those out to fit the theme of our last-minute football party. 

Hopefully these tips helped you with a "plan of attack" when it comes to preparing for a last-minute party! Make sure to check out if your Sam's Club is participating in this Coca-Cola & Pizza Combo because it is seriously such a killer deal! 


Our Appetizer said...

Oh my goodness, that pizza looks delicious! We have our first Cleveland Browns pre-season game tonight and now I'm craving pizza. I will also say that dry shampoo works wonders on getting ready super quick.

Love your blog, can't wait to read more.

Unknown said...

Great tips! It's amazing how a last minute scramble and some delicious food can result in a great party. This combo looks like the perfect way to celebrate without breaking the bank, too! ~ Client