Breezy Days: Blogging Mistakes


December 5, 2012

Blogging Mistakes

I had my first negative comment.

I guess that comes with the territory of having a public blog, on the internet no less.
I wrote about some frustrations I've had concerning some neighbors of mine.
As insignificant & lame as it may sound to anyone else, it was a frustrating situation for me.
And then I get a negative comment from someone I've never even heard of before.

We all just share these little tid-bits of our life on our own corner of the internet.
Happy, sad, frustrating, and confusing tid-bits.
Seeing as how it's my dang blog I figure I can write most anything I want on it.

But after reading the post I had the negative comment on, I caved in & deleted the post.
{Deleted the post because I felt kind of embarrassed reading it! and deleted the comment cause it ticked me off which could be because of my lack of sleep??}
I made a blogger mistake, writing when I'm upset/emotional, then posting it.
Rookie mistake!!

I'll own up to it.
It totally sounded like a dumb girl ranting on her blog...probably because it was.
Psh, but don't I get that chance every once in a while?
To accidentally fall off the "cool/one of the guys kind of girls" train??


Bethany Grow said...

lame sauce :/ i'm sorry about that. it's incredibly frustrating to get negative comments. you'd think that we should be able to write whatever we want in our little corner of the internet, but i guess not. usually when i write up a long angry ranty post i feel better and then let it sit in my drafts until the bad feelings completely go away. it keeps me from offending the followers i have and from portraying myself as a hateful person. but really! i'm not a hateful person! everyone just needs to rant every once and a while! ugh. oh well. very sorry that happened!

Eryka Ann Clark said...

Im sorry someone was mean to you. Not cool! Just remember to blog for you and don't let other effect you. Even though I know I let them bug me too. Love ya gilrie!!

elizabeth said...

i don't think you should've deleted the post because someone left a bad comment on it. after all, this is your blog where you share things that matter to you, and if that story with you neighbor mattered to you and you felt like blogging about it, then i believe that's what blogs are for. yes sometimes, we post things that aren't happy, or won't please people but we write them because parts of us needs to -not because we want people to like it.


Courtney said...

You're right, it is your blog and you should write what you want!! I read the post that you're talking about and ya know what? I liked it! It proved that we are all human and get upset about silly little things instead of portraying on our blogs that we are these perfect people.

I say let the haters hate because you are a beautiful woman with a wonderful heart! Just because you get upset about things doesn't change that one bit. =)

Anonymous said...
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Liv said...

When I was writing about my post-partum depression, you wouldn't believe some of the harsh comments I got about being a bad, ungrateful mother. I was like, gee, thanks for making me feel like an even worse sack of sad!

But I never deleted anything, not even the rude comments. You have a right to your words, as do any commenters who visit (although I hope no one hides behind anonymity because that's just lame).


brios0928 said...

That's a smart idea!! Just writing it out and leaving it, which looking back is what I should have done. Thanks Bethany for being so sweet!!

brios0928 said...

Oh gosh, I try to remind myself about that all the time! That those trolls don't matter and don't read my blog on a consistent basis to even get a touch of who I am. But thanks so much for stopping by Eryka and commenting :)

brios0928 said...

That's super true! I guess just looking back and reading it I almost felt embarrassed ranting about how my neighbors put my clothes in a trash bag. So that's mostly why I deleted it, but the comment didn't help too much either! Thanks so much for your kind words and for reminding me that it's my blog and happy or sad, I'll post what I need to :)

brios0928 said...

Oh my goodness, that's horrible!! I think a lot of times people who don't understand post-partum depression or anxiety just don't understand the psychological stress it puts people under. And you are such a strong woman! I guess the comment just took me by surprise so I just deleted it. :/ Thanks so much LIv for leaving a comment! You are too sweet :)

Bev said...

and of course you're the bigger person for even mentioning this in a follow up post. I didn't have a chance to read your post you're referring to (I've honestly been MIA for the past few weeks), but I do know what it's like to have that ONE person stray you in the wrong direction with their negativity. All we can do is move on and learn from our past... just to make the here and now better ;)

Katia said...

Eesh, I've yet to get a negative comment (probably jinxing it as I write this, haha!) but it's bound to happen sooner or later. It's lame - we should be allowed to be negative AND positive on our blogs, even if we all post about primarily positive things. But sometimes real life happens.


rachel sayumi said...

people are soooooooooo dumb! and that post, you were even talking about how you wanted to change and make it a positive experience.... ugh some people=buggin! haha. I've had a couple negative comments, I just delete them. My blog, my decisions. Don't worry about it! you're the funny nice one (:

Eric and Chelsea said...

Dude people are douchebags. Don't let it get you down and don't take it personally.

brios0928 said...

Aww thanks Bev! You are too sweet :) I'm working on making it better!!

brios0928 said...

Bahaha, ya, you probably just jinxed it ;) And that's true, I should be able to post the positive and negative!

brios0928 said...

You are a smart girl Rachel!! And that's true, some people are so dumb!! And I think I might just re-post it for the heck of it :) Thanks for commenting Rachel, you are so sweet!!