Breezy Days: Friday's Letters


December 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Christmas Tree,
I had this ridiculous idea in my head that Ryan & I would simply grab a tree, set it up, 
and spend the night putting up decorations and watching claymations.
In reality...
The tree looked massive on my little jetta, I almost lost the cash for the tree then miraculously found it in my bra, then the plastic stand broke so now the you are being tied up with twine, 
we are about 3 strands short for lights annddd ya.
Well, now you're up and I'm about to finish off the lights.
Nothing goes quite as planned as I suppose.

Dear Yellow Brick House, 
I'm sorry that you look like Christmas Candyland barfed on you.
That's just what happens when I decide to decorate before finals week.

Dear Vampire Diaries,
I'm pretty much a whole season behind...but I sure am glad that you're on Netflix.

Dear BYU,
This time next year I will be GRADUATED.
For now, it's research paper and finals time.

Dear Golds Gym,
I suppose the 10 bucks a month is worth it to work out in the movie theater room.
I like how no one can see me when I run and sweat like a monster.
Now I can run a mile and a half and not feel like dying, woot woot!

Dear Readers,
Thank you so much for your love & support!
I totally appreciate you & promise some fun Christmas posts comin' up :)



bri dubois said...

i'm afraid of the cardio cinema room... i think every time i'm in there someone falls off their treadmill & i just know i'm next. haha

Nikole said...

I have some extra lights, they're just plain white lights, but you are welcome to borrow some!

jan miguel said...

I'm quite sure Vampire Diaries misses you ;) I am loving all the twists this season!!!

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

Kara Stone said...

I didn't get to watch my claymations until yesterday! It just doesn't feel like the Christmas time of year yet. :) And I'm IN LOVE with the font in your header. Haha do you happen to remember what it's called?