Breezy Days: Halloween House Tour + Festivities


November 5, 2014

Halloween House Tour + Festivities

I am finally getting around to posting these Halloween decor pictures! Growing up my parent always went all out with Halloween and Christmas decorations, which definitely got passed down to me :) When my parents were in town, my mom helped finish the front of the house with this adorable wreath we made with stuff from Hobby Lobby. Late night crafts fueled by Sodalicious! 

I took these front room pictures right before my birthday party, and during the whole month of October I kept on adding more and more decorations. I love having people come into my home and instantly feel the Halloween spirit! 

On Halloween night Ryan was working until 9pm, so I dressed up as Minnie Mouse and passed out candy to trick-or-treaters. I only got about 5-6 groups of treaters the entire night and was a little bummed because a couple years ago we had non-stop kids at our front door! I think it's because all the local malls and shops were hosting trick-or-treaters all day long, so then parents didn't want to drag their kids out at night for candy. Lammeeeeeee.

A few weeks ago my friend Jess hosted an awesome Halloween party with a spook alley entrance and everything! Ryan and I snagged costumes last minute to be from the Top Gun movie, which is his favorite. Next year I'm definitely taking more time to find something as fun and creative as our Mario/Peach costume from last year

Finally here is our pumpkins from our group date night with our friends! We did the Jack Skellington pumpkin, Lo & Kev did the pirate kitty, and Ariel & Connor made the minion. Jess & Dallin ended up joining us later for bonfire, hot chocolate, smores, roasted pumpkin seeds, games, and 2am Dominos pizza. The night was a serious BLAST. I haven't laughed that hard in so long! I'm sad to see October go, but I'm excited to see my family for Thanksgiving then to start decorating for Christmas :)


Kelsey Eaton said...

you need to become a professional holiday decorator. so cute!!

Unknown said...

your home is so cute girl!! I need your decorating skills!


Masood said...

That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck. Halloween Store