Breezy Days: The Story of the Lost Montana Pictures


April 16, 2014

The Story of the Lost Montana Pictures

Once upon a time we got married in June of 2011, then later that summer had a reception in Ryan's hometown in Montana. We had some pictures taken of us at Ryan's family ranch by a old local photographer who promised to give us a cd of all the digital pictures. When the pictures were finally available, she had them on her website and wanted us instead to pay upwards of $15 per print. Ummmm, ya. Not happening, this isn't the 80's anymore. 

She couldn't understand why we didn't just buy the pictures through her site, and I explained to her it's because we would like the digital copies instead so I could print and use them in my home. We had sparse communication since that summer, and finally this past January I decided that I WILL get those pictures. Especially since they are our memories which have no meaning to her. I emailed her again all but demanding the cd with our pictures, seeing as how she had already been paid for her services. We weren't going to pay her ridiculous prices to have her print and snail mail them from Montana.

I'm sure she finally got sick of me because right before Valentines we received a cd in the was our pictures! I was so excited to finally have them after almost 2 and a half years. Of course the woman placed her "watermark" big as day in the middle of every picture. She went through every single one of the 85 pictures and strategically placed her name in thick black font on each picture. I was fuming...all I wanted these for was to display them in my home and share with family. Which is what I told her, but I'm sure she was bitter about not getting an extra payday with each print. 

Thankfully, I have smart techie friends who told me of some programs that would be able to take off the font and voila! Now I can finally enjoy these pictures. I'm so excited to finally be able to print and display them on my gallery wall :) Moral of the story, find photographers that you know and trust! 


Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

wow. This isn't the 80's anymore. It's all about digital and people aren't going to generally want to pay for prints anymore unless it's an add on option along with the digital. Glad you finally got your pics. Interesting to know that even watermarks aren't fool proof.

Halie Pullen said...

So how did you get the watermark off? My photog didn't put it on ALL of our pics, but basically all the best ones. And hers is big and black and annoying too. Not cute. I need to know your tricks!

But more importantly - those pictures really are gorgeous! Love the ones with the horse, but the very first one is my favorite. It's so fairytale like! You should pin some of these :)

Typical LDS girl said...

Your pictures are beautiful!!! I love them, so scenic and out of a storybook. Glad you got them and were able to take the watermark off. I was getting mad just reading about what she did! I would be fuming too!! Love ya!


Genna said...

That is so unprofessional! Thank goodness for smart friends :)

Arina said...

Oh my gosh, I would have been so angry! I'm so glad that you have technologically gifted friends, because I probably would have just sat there and cried for days. They are beautiful photos — such a shame that the photographer was so unprofessional!