Breezy Days: Secret Cheers


August 25, 2013

Secret Cheers

I've written about this before, and seeing as how we are LDS...that means weddings galore every Spring/Summer time. This summer we had the pleasure of attending Callie & Jesse's wedding in the San Diego temple and Aj & Rachel's wedding in the Los Angeles temple. I'm super happy that we just happened to be working in California this summer which meant that we were able to attend both of these weddings, score! I love visiting the temple because it brings such peace to my heart amidst the whirlwind of life and I also love being able to share in the joy that is my friends being eternally bound to their sweethearts. To be honest, I'm always a little selfish when it comes to my friend's weddings...because I secretly always cheer to myself "Hooray, for more married friends! I get to put together even MORE awesome parties and group dates! Muhahaha! {I don't know why there is an evil laugh, but there just is}."
Well, it's not much of a secret anymore...


Rachel said...

hahaha, I love your secret 'selfish' joy! I would love to have more couple friends!

Megan said...

your friends are gorgeous brides!