Breezy Days: Spotted Autumn


November 9, 2014

Spotted Autumn

This weekend Ryan and I had a blast with our friends at The Buzz is Coming event in SLC, then afterwards we ate pizza at The Pie. I felt like I was in that stereotypical college scene they have in movies, a hole in the wall basement location with everyone drinking beer and yelling at the football game on TV. Weird to think that this is what college is for most people, craziness! 

We also tried a new Mexican restaurant in Provo and it's become our instant favorite! Mi Lindo Guadalajara has the BEST carne asada tacos and to die for barbequoa tacos. Yummmm. Makes me glad that I married someone who loves Mexican food just as much as I do! Granted, I definitely need to work on my Spanish skills!

Side rant...when I was at Target this week it looked like Christmas had EXPLODED. Seeing as how my family is coming up to Provo for Thanksgiving, I wanted to grab some turkey day related items and found ONE end cap dedicated to the holiday. Comeon Target! Although, I'm kind of a hypocrite because I totally snagged some Christmas decor this week and am already mentally planning my holiday party haha! :)

This was totally a random post with a smattering of good food and holiday-related rants. Hope you enjoyed it & have a good week! :)

Jillian Heels: Shoemint
360 Turquoise Studs (similar): Bauble Bar 
Purse: Steve Madden


Unknown said...

That dress looks amazing on you!! And I totally did the same thing at Target this past week!! I went in for Thanksgiving stuff, and left with Christmas stuff (and a little bit of Thanksgiving haha). I LOVE Christmas... but I want to enjoy Thanksgiving too!!

Love you and your blog!!


Unknown said...

Yeahhhhh I was sucked into the great red bullseye of Target's holiday section this week too. Haha and I don't regret it one bit! Great look!

Rebekah said...

I love your hair like this! said...

I love the mini dress paired with the necklace - so cute! Thanksgiving really does get the shaft -- I can't complain too much because Christmas is kind of amazing ;). xo!