Breezy Days: happy halloween!


October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

It's finally Halloween!
Doesn't it feel like this month has gone on forever?!
It's weird that November is already here.

I'm so bummed that I'm all sick for one of my favorite holidays.
But, I'm trying to be optimistic here, and I'm definitely excited to watch some Hocus Pocus/Nightmare Before Christmas while making some monster cupcakes.

Hope you all have fun tonight!!


elise said...

hahahaha. oh my gosh. I just laughed out loud! :) happy halloween lady!

rachel sayumi said...

get better soon Brizzy Baby!

Torrie said...

I am also sick today--it's actually the first day I've taken a sick day since I started teaching. I wish I could say I'm sad about it,'s been a stressful week at school. Basically I'm happy as a clam at the fact that I got 12 hours of sleep last night :)

Jessica said...

bahahah that pumpkin snowman is epic!

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