Breezy Days: procrastination at its finest


October 17, 2012

procrastination at its finest

What you are witnessing right now is me procrastinating for my test tomorrow.
Posting at 11pm when I should be sleeping or studying.

First off, the test is going to be in a computer lab where I'll be writing 
2 essays in a 2 hour period (cue the screams of horror over timed essays) 
about the meaning of 'forgiveness' or 'sacred'. 
This is all makes for amazing discussion during class...
but how in the WORLD do I get that down on paper?!
Oh the joys of having a social science major.
Where no answer is definite.

Second off, I need to take some serious time and finally learn how to:
A.) Layer cute stuff for fall without taking forever {don't be fooled by this outfit, it took a while}
B.) Do different hairstyles & how to properly do my makeup
...aka my Pinterest boards need to be put to some use after all this dang pinning
{perfect messy curls & french braids here I come!}
What is my weekend {after this dumb test} hold in store for me, you ask?
+ the pumpkin patch!
+ some shoe-shoppin' girl time
+ some quality time with my Pinterest pins
+ more organizing & cleaning {my fav thing to do whilst procrastinating}
+ pumpkin spice cookies
+ some cuddles with the husband after a busy/long week of not seeing each other
+ writing & sending my missionary friends some letters
+ more bike rides 'round town
+ a trip to Barnes & Noble with a Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider in my hand
{btw, any suggestions for good books??}

Got any fun plans this weekend?


Courtney said...

I loooove this outfit! I wish my dang hair would grow to be as long as yours already haha

Brittany Tennant said...

This is too cute! Love it!

Torrie said...

Ooo, I love giving book recommendations (which I'm sure has nothing to do with the fact that I'm an English teacher!).

One I read last year that I loved was Breaking Night by Liz Murray. It's this woman's real-life story about becoming homeless at 16, dropping out of high school, then eventually making her way back to a pursuit of education that led her to graduate from Harvard. It's an amazing book!

If you want to know more about it, I review every book I read on my blog. Just click on one of the labels at right that has "Book Challenge" written on it.

Happy reading!

Jessica said...

great style!! found you through broadcloth!! much love

xo Jessica
-check it out!-