Breezy Days: Little Lucy


June 11, 2013

Little Lucy

This past Saturday I went to Emily's baby shower to celebrate her little girl Lucy coming in August! I have grown up with the Fardig girls and have known them for 10+ years, enough time to see them go off to college, get married, and start having kids of their own. It's such a blast to see them whenever I go home to California; and whenever I run into them in Utah, it's nice to see a familiar face that feels like my own family! The shower was in their backyard and it was gorgeously decorated, all the pink & frills & flowers makes me want to have a little girl just so I can dress her in tutus and bows 24/7 :) 

Congrats to Emily & Todd on your new little one! 


nicole s. said...

omg that got cravings? banner is the cutest thing i've ever seen at a baby shower. i'm definitely going to have to remember that!

you're all so stinkin' stylish!

xo nicole

Amber said...

This is precious! I love the got cravings banner. That's perfect! Cute outfit on you too girl :)

Fashion Lover said...

Beautiful party!! I love the decoration!


Todd + Emily said...

Awww! I loved seeing you and having you there!! We made the blog, which is my favorite blog to read!