Breezy Days: Walkin' In a {Ridiculously Freezing} Winter Wonderland


December 9, 2013

Walkin' In a {Ridiculously Freezing} Winter Wonderland

Well my friends, it is absolutely and ridiculously freezing. Though, I actually think that we were blessed this year for the snow to start in December as opposed to last year when it started in October {gross!} Suffice it to say, last winter was a loooong and horrible one. This year I was able to thoroughly enjoy fall, and so I'm trying my best with winter!

First off, winter means over the top and adorable accessories. When else can you wear a truckload of fur, lipstick, or hats with flowers/fluffy pom poms/lotsa ribbon on them? Technically you can wear them other times of the year...but you'll probably look stupid {just to warn you.} I've been soaking up all the time I get to rotate all my cute gloves, coats, boots, wool skirts and tights because I know I'll miss them in a few months!

With this hard {& stressful} semester finally coming to an end and the temperatures dropping like crazy, I've made the conscious effort to really enjoy where I'm at. Thinking of every little thing I have to accomplish between now and next Wednesday makes my head spin! Though, if I only focus on taking it one day at a time then I start to slow down and appreciate the little things. Such as this gorgeous sunset reflecting off the snow & school buildings on my walk home after a long day of classes, it makes my heart feel so warm!

With all this snow, I was inspired to do a winter snow manicure! Not gonna lie, this was FREAKIN' HARD. I'm making the effort to be more creative with my nails, but I have possibly the most un-steady hand in the world {which is why I could never ever ever be a surgeon/nurse, that and the fact I gag at the sight of blood and skin lesions. Even typing it out makes me want to bleghhhh. Yet I digress...} Can't even tell you how many times I swiped off the color and started from ground zero when I would mess up on a snowflake. What made the victory of finally finishing this manicure even sweeter, was Ryan asking me when I put the nail decals on? SYKE. I painted them on! He was genuinely impressed, and it made me genuinely happy :) 


Katie said...

I love your red hat.

dominicankc28 said...

Looove the red lips!! (: