Breezy Days: Adventures With Elders Evs: One Year Down!


March 9, 2014

Adventures With Elders Evs: One Year Down!

As of March 6th, Elder Evan Grossman has been out for a whole year! I've heard that the second year just flies by, which is good cause I'm excited to see my brother as soon as possible :) He is still in Agua Dulce with his same companion Elder Angeles, and transfers won't happen for another few weeks.

He was excited that they were able to contact some couples at the beginning of February to teach them, because in Mexico on Valentines they do weddings for free! Since it is so expensive a lot of couples down there don't end up getting married, but at least this gives them the opportunity to do so which helps out the missionaries out when teaching that it's important to actually be married!

As you will see in these pictures, Elder Grossman was spoiled rotten for his birthday 21st on February 3rd...he had not one, but TWO cakes and a pizza lunch. Lucky duck! The past few weeks he has sent short emails to the family, so I razzed him last week saying that I needed an email more than 3 dang sentences long, and he obliged :) 

"So, this week because of complaints of a certain person, I have to explain a little more about my life this week. Well...good news! I have something new to talk about."

"This past week, Elder Arnulfo Valenzuela, 2nd Counselor of the Area Presidency of Mexico came and talked to us in Minatitlan. I learned a lot from thing that caught my attention is that he said 'The time that we used to use to prepare our family and friends to hear the gospel has passed.' Meaning that if you have someone in mind that could benefit form the message of the Restored Gospel, you should call the missionaries up now, let them know that you want them to visit this person, and set a time when you can pass by this person with them."

Anyone who knows my family, knows that we are all super white. Although, some of us can tan or at least get golden...Evan on the other hand just burns. I jokingly refer to him as Elder Langosta (Elder Lobster) because in most of the pictures he sends to us, he is flaming red! This is what he had to say about it:

"Other thing, the redness in my pics...yeah. I think it's going to be a thing for awhile. The hot season is just started up in February and people tell me and my companion that May is a nightmare compared to the heat I'm feeling right now. I still have the 6 bottles of sunscreen that you all sent me, used them today to play basketball (por fin!), and I still came back sunburnt, and I even used the super strong stuff. From the amount I'm sweating and constantly wiping off sweat, it's horrible. Air conditioning is a rare commodity here, an I always enjoy meetings because of it."

"So, happy certain person? I practically spilled out my life story from this past week, and had to look at my agenda a few times to remind me what I even did (seriously, it's a part of my life; I always have it). Love y'all!"

Hmmmm, ya I'm happy ;)


Ashley Ziegler said...

I waited for my husband on his mission and I swear by it when they say the second year goes faster. Looks like he is so happy and having a good time serving the Lord!

Unknown said...

He's so cute! Glad he had a good birthday, and it looks like he is having a lot of fun!!

Yay! One year down! :))

Unknown said...

He's so cute! Glad he had a good birthday, and it looks like he is having a lot of fun!!

Yay! One year down! :))

sherri said...

Time definitley does fly by when you're on a mission! That cake looks so good! Great to find another lds blogger :)