Breezy Days: Introducing...Mr. & Mrs. Peck!


March 29, 2012

Introducing...Mr. & Mrs. Peck!

I had a friend tell me it seemed like I was holding out on wedding pics...
So here you go!
Anyone out there like pretty wedding pictures??

I was a bridesmaid in my cousin Zannie's wedding.
She has this adorable shabby chic style that totally encompassed the style of her wedding.
Lots of pretty blush pinks, light grays, creams, and some dashes of teal. 

Plus she is a crafting & DIY queen!
See those flower girls (my 'lil cousins) in the picture below?
Ya, Zannie and her mom sewed those flower girls dresses and the bridesmaid sashes. 
Nuts right?!
Everyone patiently waiting for the newlyweds to come out of the Las Vegas LDS temple!
Mr. & Mrs. Peck!!!
Don't you love her Vera Wang dress??
Zan kind of reminded me of Belle, except in all white :) 
Love this girl!
So happy she is now in the married club with me :)
<3 Bri

--Reception pictures next :)
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Elisha said...

eternal optomist "sent" me!! (: im entering the giveaway!!

Jan said...

Weddings are amazing! The motif in your cousin's wedding is very similar to my dream motif, I love it!


Jenn @ What You Make It said...

I love wedding pics! These colors are gorgeous. Love your pretty and modest wedding attire. And the flower girls are so cute!


Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

Her dress is beautiful! Wow!