Breezy Days: Pan Dulce


March 18, 2012

Pan Dulce

I'm not one who emotionally eats...I usually emotionally shop.
The only exception to that would be my love for pan dulce.

Which is Spanish for "sweet bread"
One of my childhood memories was going to Stater Bros. in Southern California and buying sweet bread with my dad. He didn't speak a lick of Spanish, but loved the sweet bread, the marinated carne asada, and the nice people in all the different stores.
 In the city where I'm from {Corona, CA} there is a huge Hispanic influence, meaning truckloads of delicious Mexican food to choose from! 
I'm not a huge sweets/donut person either, but man...I can narf 3 of those colorful conchas in like 5 minutes. It's sugar on bread, I really don't know where you could go wrong with that. 

Plus, it's about 70 cents for each of them! 
Ummm, totes the best indulgence for a college student/newlywed :)
{Not a bald spot! Just a really really blonde spot there}
{Really cool Coke and Pepsi signs in downtown Provo,UT}
Shirt: JCrew//Skirt: Anthro//Sandals: Charlotte Russe//Earrings: gift//Necklace: gift.

So hit up one of those Mexican food shops, cause they seriously have some of the best food!
And try some pan dulce and tell me what you think :)

<3 Bri

---Revealing the Shabby Apple winner tomorrow!!!


Dearest Lou said...

Love your earrings and pan dulce is DELICIOUS! Love this outfit and your hair is rocking lady (:


Anonymous said...

Your earrings are adorable!! As is the entire outfit, you pull it off so well!!

Halie Renee said...

I need to buy those little ladybug earrings. Precious. And I'm pretty sure my boyfriend would think so too :)

Darren Demers said...

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