Breezy Days: The Story of Us: A Disneyland Newbie {Part 9}


March 1, 2012

The Story of Us: A Disneyland Newbie {Part 9}

On December 1st, 2010 we became Facebook official.
Gosh. Even the fact that we feel we have to do that is lame.


We drove the ten hours from Provo, UT ---> Corona, CA.
The whole time filled with conversation, movies, and hand holding.

Ryan & I get to Corona, CA at about 1am, where my family was still awake to greet us.
Ryan, even though he was exhausted from driving, is all peppy and excited to meet my family.
{He insisted on driving the WHOLE TEN HOURS. Now there's a man if I've ever seen one.}

I really didn't know how much I appreciated this until after the fact.
That I would be able to leave him in a room with practically anyone, and he would be able to not only hold his own, but make that person his bff five minutes later.

We hurried up to get some zzzzzz's and woke up the next day ready for Disneyland!
It was my first time touring the park with a D-land newbie, suffice it to say I  was pumped! 
His first ride on the Teacups!
Oh, and if it looks like he hardly had any hair.
It's cause he pretty much shaved all his hair off before Cali.
Without telling me.

I made him grow the faux hawk and scruffy beard back after the trip.
We ate at Blue Bayou, the restaurant inside the Pirates ride.
I was having fun trying to get Ryan smile "normal" for the camera, instead of one of those fake smiles that makes you look slightly ticked off in pictures.

 I win!
After spending the whole day & night with him, I started to realize that I have a lot of fun with him.
We are like two peas in a pod and get along swimmingly.

Best friend material?
No doubt.
Husband material?
I was still in denial.

We stayed at Disneyland all day, ate delicious Monte Cristos, rode all the classic rides, and watched the fireworks before we headed towards the tram to go home.
On the tram with his arm around me, my head buried in his shoulder, and the scent of his cologne in my nose.
I started to think that maybe, just maybe, I could get used to this...

<3 Bri 


Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

So freakin adorable. I WANT A BOyfRIEND!!!!! LOL.

Bri. i am gettin so stoked for March 8th. Can't wait to meetchuuu

Lauren said...

i have always wanted to go to the blue bayou!!! how do you even get there??
tagged you in a post!

Jenna // The Life of the Wife said...

Disneyland..oh I how I love you! I am seriously SO JEALOUS of you right now Bri! It's not fair! :) ANNNND you got to eat Monte Cristos (my fave thing at Disneyland)!!


Cait Emma said...

haha omgosh this is so freaking adorable xox you too are too much!