Breezy Days: The Bee from Heck


February 29, 2012

The Bee from Heck

Materials for Clay Pot Bee: Small clay pot, Black and yellow acrylic paint, Yellow pipe cleaners. White foam, Googly eyes, Lots of glue, Polka dot ribbon

This Tuesday all the poor kids were SO frustrated with this project.
They turned out really cute, but a lot of them couldn't get the paint on right, figure out the ribbon stripes, handle the glue, and some of them even broke or cracked part of their clay pot.

One little girl broke the bee's face and sat on the stairs crying.
Another boy was frustrated and just put his head down because he messed up his bee, and he said he just couldn't give a messed up bee to his mom.
I calmed them down from that, then the girls started asking if Mr. Rios was my husband, and I said yes.
Then they were literally offended that I didn't invite them to the wedding.
{Say what?!}

After all of that I felt like crying.

Good thing I had Ryan there, gosh.
After I talked all the lil 1st-3rd graders off their crafting ledge and bribed them with candy, they all seemed to calm down a bit.

For the rest of the club we will be doing: fingerprint bees, bee visors, and bee cupcakes.
Hooray for no more paint!
And hopefully no more meltdowns!

<3 Bri


Bree said...

I am the Sunday School director at our church, and I had bought these super cute "foam" crafts from Hobby Lobby for Christmas. The kids were going to make little foam Santas and Snowmen on skis. So cute! However I didnt realize that for each Snowman/Santa there were a bazillion pieces!!

A lot of the kids gave up and just stuck the foam stickers anywhere... it was difficult. Lesson learned, try the craft beforehand.

Yay for finger-paint!! :)

Emily said...

hah you are a brave woman for undertaking that project! it's super cute though :)