Breezy Days: Tissue Paper Flowers


February 21, 2012

Tissue Paper Flowers

This week for my craft club, Crafting Just Bee-Cuzzzz, we made flowers and bouquets out of tissue paper :)

Anddd for 1st-3rd graders it proved to be a lot more difficult to teach than I had anticipated.
But everyone was jumping for joy when they found out we were making flowers.
Even most of the boys surprisingly!
All the little ones made their flowers and they all decided to give them to someone they love.

One little boy, Leo, made a bright blue flower for his mom cause that's her favorite color.
Another girl, Kylah, made a whole bouquet to give to her mom and dad.
And another boy, Israel, made one for his girlfriend (why he has a gf at 7 years old I have no clue...haha)
My heart melts :)
Tissue paper, pipe cleaners, scissors, garden stake, crepe paper, tape, ribbon (opt.). 

Have fun! 
<3 Bri


Kara Renee said...

Hahah these are so cute! I'll have to get on this!

Melu103 said...

dont ask me twice ..
the next time you are in cali
if you dont call me ... you'll
regret it later hahaha ♥

i am so down to go have
lunch or dinner or a drink
or whatever your heart desires
i love meeting new people ♥♥


Cait Emma said...

awww how adorable are these kids?!

chantilly said...

this is so cute :) the kids are ADORABLE with them.