Breezy Days: California Stintin'


February 11, 2012

California Stintin'

Salt Lake City-->Long Beach

I am NOT a morning person, whatsoever. 
Do you see that clock in the above picture? 
And to top it off, I pulled an all nighter to finish up some homework before I left, and figured well heyyy, I'm already up and I have to leave in an hour for the airport. 
Do I need sleep for my 12 hour California trip?
So I did this whole day on no sleep.
And you guys thought I was a smart cookie.

Why the heck was I in Cali for only 12 hours you ask?

Cause I couldn't afford to miss school and work, and this is the only time I could go!
Evan and I flew down on a 6:20am flight, I went to doctors appointments and Evan to the DMV.
Then we hopped BACK on the plane at 7:30pm. 

Here are a few pics of my 12 hour stint :)
We got to eat my favoritest breakfast burrito OF ALL TIME.
Bacon Breakfast Burrito from Douglas Burger. Yummmmmm.
Gosh, it was 70-75 degrees out and absolutely perrrrfect.
Totes moving back when Ryan and I are done with school.
Long Beach-->Salt Lake City

On our way back to the Long Beach Airport after a fun, warm, and fulfilling day.

<3 Bri


Unknown said...

aaaah lovely! i'm heading to cali at the end of april - my boyfriend is interning there over the semester. can't wait to get out of the cold Nebraska weather! :)

xoxo - kylie

Cait Emma said...

bah! i hate mornings too - however, i AM a huge burrito lover. it tends to be a problem lol, but it looks like it kinda made up for it! i hope you had fun!

Jenna // The Life of the Wife said...

That is WAAAAY too early to fly anywhere! ugh! :) Glad you had a fun (but short) trip love!!


Unknown said...

Kylie, that is so awesome!!! You and the bf will have to visit the beach ASAP! Cait, gosh I love burritos. I think it's kind of an issue. Jenna, thanks!! And especially leavin' at 4am, wayyyyy to early.

Melu103 said...

oh my ! i cant believe you were
here for 12 hours!

i love burritos! yummmmmmmmm


calikatrina said...

You are crazy!! I can't belive you did a 12 hour turnaround! Stay a while next time, we can meet up at Toms Farms. :)