Breezy Days: The Date Backburner


February 8, 2012

The Date Backburner

Anyone who has a life, knows that life can get a tadddd busy.
With new jobs, work training, 14 credits of school each, chores to do at home, and homework to keep up with we tend to let other things reside on the backburner...
Such as dates.

No, not the nasty ace fruit.
Date nights. With a significant other? You know the ones I'm talking about.
I know some people are like:
"We've been married X amount of days/months/years and we still go on weekly dates!"

Seriously! How do you fit it into your skedge?!

By the time it hits Friday night, we both are like welp. 
Let's just watch a movie on netflix and crash.
I've expressed my deepest concerns to Ryan, anddddd we are going to make a concerted effort to do a date night/day once a week. Something to look forward to during the loooong week!
And I'm not one to spend a bunch of money on dates, so I put together a 'lil list off of the top of my head of cheap/fun/thoughtful dates.

-Saturday morning, grab some hot chocolate and go hit up garage sales
-Salsa dancing
-Country dancing
-Swing dancing {they offer free lessons at byu on certain nights}
-Rock climbing
-Go window shopping up in Salt Lake City and/or Park City
-Jump On It {a place with a bunch of trampolines and foam pits}
-Try hole-in-the wall restaurants in our area
-A picnic at the park, play on the swing set
-Fancy Fondue date night with other couples
-Local sports games
-Play tennis together, I'll teach him how to swing and not fling the ball up in the air
-Hit up thrift stores in the area
-Ryan teaches me how to throw a football, properly that is
-Make tin foil dinners and cook them over a bonfire (and make smores!)
-Make a fort in our front room and watch a romantic movie
-Make Valentine grams for friends/family
-Mini golf/arcades
-Laser tag group date
-Bumper cars! Check out when we did that HERE.
-Dress up mega nice and go out to eat at a fast food restaurant
-Cheesecake factory for a delicious slice
-Walk around the Museum of Art on campus
-Take a walk to McDonalds and get diet cokes
-Plan group dates with friends to play Super Smash Brothers & Mario Kart Tournaments
-Roller skating
-Local high school/college plays or dance performances
-Ice skating
-Go to Lowes/Home Depot and pick out what you want in your future/fantasy home
-Check out the lunch deals at Sushi places
-Natural hot springs
As you can see in the list above I already crossed out the Nickelcade date.
Where you pay for admission ($2.25 each) and for bags of nickels to use on the machines.
We went last friday and it only cost around $5-6 for the both of us! 
Granted there are tons of annoying high school kids there, but it's still mega fun & cheap.

And yes. 
I AM one of those people who, when writing a To-Do list, purposely writes stuff I've already done just to have the satisfaction of crossing it off. Cheap therapy I tell ya.
Above, Ryan is winning the Jackpot on a arcade machine and is also playing Fruit Ninja on a huge touch screen. Isn't that mega awesome!? 

Anywho, I am thinking of making a page of date ideas on the blog.
Any ideas? Feedback? I thought it could be fun :)

<3 Bri


Anonymous said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing them. My husband and I have date night every Friday night and we are always looking for new ideas! :)

Ashley said...

I love these ideas! I may actually have to use a couple of them. I really like the simple ones like a picnic at the park type thing. You're nickelcade date is too cute!

Taesha Baldridge Cecil said...

great ideas! i love dates that enable you to act like children! being childish is thee best!!

Andi said...

Watching a movie on Netflix totally counts as a date night! Although your other ideas sound a bit more fun.

Melu103 said...

how fun!
enjoy for me love!
..... i miss my bf every single day
and i wish i could go on dates with
him. That is why when i go visit
for the whole month .. we make it
up for the whole year :)

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by my blog and say happy birthday to my bf
=) It's his Birthday today and I want to
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Melina ♥

bonbon said...

This is such a great idea of dates! I will have to borrow it as me and my hubby definitely don't go out on dates as often as we should. I just found your blog today and I love it! AND I'm going to the BYU bloggers conference too so I guess we will get to meet there! Can't wait! Small blogging world, ain't it?

New follower :)

jessica said...

I love these ideas!! My fiance and I are the same way- we never have date nights, and it's mostly because we're so lazy and by the time we actually have a chance to go out, we just want to stay in and watch a movie! I'm trying to change this! I may have to steal a couple ideas off your list. Although, my favorite is trying new hole-in-the wall restaurants!

Happy weekend!


Jaz said...

guess what got me excited to move back to provo (in like a year and 1/2 don't get too excited)... um, double dating you guys! yiiahhh buddy.

p.s. ryan's face waiting for the tickets. cracking me up... classic ryan