Breezy Days: Media Fast Aftermath


February 28, 2012

Media Fast Aftermath

About a week ago I was required to go on a "Media Fast" for my Communications class.
3 days without: internet, movies, phone calls, texts, facebook email, music, instagram, and blogging.

Holy crap was that difficult.

I really didn't even notice how digitally connected I was!
Especially for being so technologically dumb.
{Meaning, I hardly ever update my computer & phone. I know. I know. I know how bad it is!}
My phone would go off with a school email.
Couldn't look at it.

Someone got engaged on facebook.
Didn't know about it until three days after.

What to do on a lazy Friday night?
Definitely not allowed to watch a movie.

How did we get so intertwined with our gadgets?
I don't know about you, but I almost feel naked if I walk out of the house without my phone and ipod.

How the heck did people get ahold of each other back in the 80's and 90's??
Nowadays I can't even fathom life without texting, google maps, or wiki.
Gosh. I would be even more lost than I am now.

How did all of our parents find out friends were engaged or dating?
How did our parents find each other?
How did they all know to meet up at In-N-Out at a certain time without a Facebook event about it?

I'll tell you how.
People actually socialized.
Shocking, right?

We are so connected to our electronics that people don't know how to be socially apt in social situations.
Our generation has forgotten how to have a real face-to-face conversation.

Sad, huh?
Makes me wanna live in the 50's.
 Chillin' at the diner with my friends, poodle skirts, cheeseburgers, and cherry cokes!
Sweater, T-shirt: Target//Jeans, Long Necklace: American Eagle//Motorcycle Boots: Rocket Dog//Faux Leather Jacket: Styles For Less//Nail Polish: OPI Mermaid Tears 

I have deleted my facebook before.
It was right before I started this blog, because facebook was stealing my time and energy away from me.
I decided to bring it back only to promote my blog.
Because I've gone on a facebook fast before, it made it a lot easier this time to drop it completely.

What I would suggest?

Take a 2-day technology vacation.
It's really quite nice, relaxing, and surprise you SO much more free time!
Oh gosh, what could you do with an extra 3-5 hours in your day?

What do you all think about this technology-driven era?
Has it been more of a hinder than a help?

<3 Bri


Jaz said...

bri, have you lost weight? you look so tiny! supa hawwwtttt!

San said...

As much as I love the Internet and all the interconnectedness, I sometimes miss the days before there was Internet and cell phones. We actually used the landline to call up people and hung out without posting updates and check-ins to Twitter and Facebook and had a great time!

It's a double-edged sword in many ways.

I really should go on a social media fast sometime and see how long it takes me to go crazy... or if it actually gets easier.
Oh wait, when I visited home over Christmas, I pretty much stayed away from Twitter, FB and such and actually after a two-day adjustment period felt quite fine :)

Cait Emma said...

ugh it so so hard to let go of technology - especially for us bloggers!

but yah, i totally moved to cali about 6 months ago and i'm still adjusting! i'm from hawaii and new orleans, so this is so so different! gah!

Bree said...

I am currently on a Facebook break. It has been 2 weeks as of Monday (and I have loved it!) However... I know that in a while I am going to want to get back on it to promote my blog. How do you help stay on track and not stay on it as much? Or do you find that you're still spending way too much time on it?

Lauren said...

Its like that episode of The I.T Crowd where they're using 'friendspace' and they're sitting around on the social network and Jen says, 'Oh, I feel so social'. You're right, people actually used to socialise.


Anonymous said...

I had to do it as well for a class! It definitely is so hard! Thank you so much for posting about your media fast! I agree with you! No one socializes anymore! Its too easy to text and tweet! I am guilty of it!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I've debated deactivating my FB account too. It's true that people don't truly socialize anymore. Suddenly, FB friend requests and status updates are considered "hearing from each other" and "catching up". What the what? That doesn't count! I think I need a media fast.

Hayley said...

Cute blog! I try to get away from my computer but then I realize i'm on my phone or watching tv or listening to Pandora! Always connected!!

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