Breezy Days: The Story of Us: November I Can't Remember {Part 7}


February 20, 2012

The Story of Us: November I Can't Remember {Part 7}

First of all, I did a "Sweet Sunday" post over at Foxy Whiskers, I love Lou and her blog.
She is so sweet, fun, and always has gorgeous pictures and stories to tell!
Totes one of my fave reads.
Sooo you should follow her too :)

We last left off with Ryan & I's first kiss.
"A toe curling, warm fuzzy, feel like I'm in a dream type of kiss."
Anddd after this part is where it gets a little tricky.
 I don't remember what happened in the whole month of November.

Literally the month just *poofed* out of my mind!
I don't have any pictures or a journal to even jog my memory.

Even to this day I constantly ask Ryan:
"Can you tell me a story from the November I don't remember?"
I either misplace the events and think that they happened earlier or later than they actually did, or I completely forget that something even occurred. 
And no, he did not drug me and I didn't get in a car crash and lose that whole month. 
But obviously I was too busy falling in love to notice that the month had flown by!

One memorable moment was our first fight. 
I can't even call it a fight because Ryan & I just don't fight. 
It's either a "tiff" or a "miscommunication".

We were talking with another couple in my apartment, when the topic of babies comes up.
{In Utah? Whatta shocker...}

Ryan cracks a joke saying:
"When my wife is giving birth, I'm just gonna be at home watchin' football!"

I don't know what the heck triggered in me, if it was the time of the month or what, but I just flipped out.
I walked briskly upstairs to the kitchen to avoid crying in front of everyone like an idiot.

Ryan follows me, completely stunned and confused, and doesn't know what to do because it's the first time he has ever seen me cry, or seen me actually upset:
"Bri, are you ok?? What's wrong??"

Me, doing one of those cry/sniffling/talking things:
"You *sniff* won't be there *sniff* when I have our baby?!?! You'll just be at home watching stupid football??!!"
Ryan starts smirking, realizes that it's NOT a good idea to laugh, and just hugs me real tight.
I bury my head in his broad chest & shoulders.

"Bri, if you want me to be there for you, I will. 
I promise."

Keep in mind that we had only known each other FOR A MONTH.
We weren't even DATING yet.

Looking back at this I'm so so surprised he didn't just go running for the hills.
What kind of lunatic was I?!

Obviously it was meant to be. 

<3 Bri

P.S. Next part, I'm skipping over November and straight to December when some exciting things took place 
{BF/GF, Marriage talk, Deciding to marry, etc.}. Stay tuned!


Anna said...

ha. That's hilarious! I've been known to be a little sensitive too... :)

Chloe Innvaer said...

Well you definitely have a keeper there! He seems so sweet! Us girls can sometimes just be a little emotional.... even if we fight it! =)

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

Okay I just have to say... when I first saw a picture of you two,I was taken aback. You two are SO different in looks. He's tall. Buff man. Half Mexican. And you.. so little and sweet and blond and beautiful. But the more I see pictures of you two,the more and more perfect you guys become to me!! Seriously. I LOVE that he's so much bigger than you. You two are freakin adorable together. It melts my heart (: Can't wait for the rest of the story!!

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping up with your story. Hope to see Part 8 up soon. Can't wait!!