Breezy Days: Superbowlin'


February 6, 2012


Does anyone else have a football obsessed male in their life?

Mine's on the right, HAWT. 

I swear, if I were to give birth on Superbowl Sunday, he might not even show up... 
{joke! He wouldn't really have a choice.}

I grew up in a "basketball family".
Everyday, everything, every breath I breathe...
Then I meet Ryan who lives, eats, breathes...

Suffice it to say I was a 'lil scared cause I know next to nothing about football.
This is what I have learned thus far and hope that it helps you other football challenged girls out there!

 Sparknote version of football, for girls:

1. Remember who you are actually cheering for and STICK TO IT.
Even wear that color to show your pride and dedication.

2. Watch the Superbowl commercials and be prepared to talk about your fav one the next day.

3. The offensive team has four separate trys to get it across 10 yards. 
Doesn't sound too hard, right?

4. They will run out of bounds to stop the clock to save themselves more time, it's a strategy.
And if brought up in a football-y situation, you will sound educated.
And thus be perceived as the hot girl who knows football stuff!

5. If they are running to make a touchdown, they only have to get the ball across the line. 
Not their whole body.

6. If the player is falling down but doesn't look like he has control of the ball.
He doesn't get the ball anymore.

7. The only positions you really need to know are:
 Quarterback {guy who throws the ball}
 Receiver {guy who receives the ball and makes touchdowns}
and Kicker {guy who kicks it for field goals}.

8. PAY ATTENTION to what is your man's fav football player/team is. 
He goes with you on 3 hour shopping trips, right?!
At least know what team Ray Lewis plays for.

9. Watch a half hour of ESPN Sportscenter and you will know exactly what's going on in the sports world. They seriously repeat the same 5 stories every hour or so! 
Plus, if you can name and have an opinion on certain newscaster, more points for you!
{For example, "Skip Bayless drives me nuts!"}


10. Don't chit chat during the game unless you are doing one of the following:

A. Talking about what colleges the players came from
B. Or previous Superbowl games
C. Screaming/cheering for a pass/touchdown
D. Asking to pass more chips
You girls have any more tips??

<3 Bri

P.S. Stay tuned for a really cool post about what we did for Evan's 19th birthday :D

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Elizabeth Mei said...

This is hysterical! I might take some notes because I also know noooothing about football ha. Thanks for the sparknotes version :)