Breezy Days: You're Killing Me Evan!


February 6, 2012

You're Killing Me Evan!

I'm absolutely horrible at keeping a secret or holding back a surprise.
I just get way too excited and start jittering and can't WAIT to see their expression when...

So of course I was just dyyyying when Ryan & I had Evan's birthday surprise planned

Evan's 19th birthday was this last Friday, February 3rd 2012.
I made him his favorite funfetti cupcakes and got his favorite drink Sangria to go with it.
Ryan and I got off work late that night and headed on over to the roller rink where Evan was at, enjoying a joint birthday party with another friend. 
Then on Saturday, we picked him and his friend Ashton up and started making our way up to Salt Lake City to eat at Tucanos.
{You get a free meal if it's your bday!}
{Ashton, Evan}

Sooo Evan pretty much thinks we are just eating at Tucanos, then going to wander around the mall, then head home. Which he is actually pretty excited about.

When the case ACTUALLY was: 
We had, for the past MONTH in our possession, 4 tickets to the Jazz VS. Lakers basketball game for that night.

Ryan, Ashton, and I knew what was going down the whooole time and
Evan didn't have a clue.

He was saying comments like:
"Why is it so busy up here? It's because the Lakers are in town, huh!
 That would be really cool if we would have had tickets! Can we just watch it on tv here?"
{Energy Solutions Stadium in SLC}

Oh gosh. It was hilarious to listen to.
We stuffed our faces at the Brazilian Steakhouse, then started walking over to the sports shop.
I tell Evan that we wanted to buy him and his friend Lakers shirt for his birthday.
Evan is STILL not suspicious. 
He is trying to get us to stay in the sports shop so he can watch the game.

The kid is freaking KILLING ME cause I'm trying to get his butt out of the store to watch the game LIVE.

We buy the shirts, tell him that we are heading back down to the car to move it farther down the mall....

{You can fast forward through the first 30 seconds}
And thennn Evan proceeds to have a heart attack.
It was the best EVER.

We went to the game, unfortunately the Lakers lost :/
But it was still wayyyy fun!
Got 7-11 hot chocolate on the way home, had awesome conversation, then we crashed in bed!

Hope you had an awesome day, happy birthday Evan :)

<3 Bri

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Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

What a sweet sissy you are :D

Ashley said...

This is great! I love his reaction! You are such an awesome sister!!!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

you are seriously the best sister.

Cait Emma said...

haha this looks like so much fun!! happy birthday Evan!!


Unknown said...

So cute.. Love the story!

Melu103 said...

i am just like that
i always plan out surprises
for Sebastian and i am DYING
to tell him all the time!

i am glad he had a blast!
its priceless when it all
turns out the way you wanted it!


Chelsea said...

This is so fun!!! you definitely win best sister award!