Breezy Days: Dear Inanimate Object


February 22, 2012

Dear Inanimate Object

Dear Husband, 
Thank you for fixing my car, bringing me pan dulce, and promising to take me to "This Means War". 
You know how much I love Reese Witherspoon.

Dear School, 
I'm exhausted. I missed a lot of classes because of work and training. 
I am definitely making a point to focus on you for the rest of the semester.
Dear Job,
I might have to postpone you 'till the end of the semester.
Your hours are killing me.

Dear Flat Pancake Hair,
Stop being greasy and gross after ONE DAY of not washing it!
I'm sure all my followers are sick of seeing you in a poofy pony everyday.

Dear Braces,
You are off April 26th.
Can't wait to have perfect teeth again!
Dear Hawaii,
I'm booking tickets for you. 
Ryan and I need a legit vacation, and this is our postponed honeymoon/celebration of one year together.

Dear Bikini,
With Hawaii as a motivation, I'll be hawt stuff for you once it's time to bask in Hawaii's warm sun. :)

Dear Eyebrows,
I know you are blonde. Thus, you tend to disappear if I don't dye you.
I'm getting you taken care of this week cause if I don't draw you in, I look weird.
Blouse: Fossil//Corduroys: American Eagle//Stilettos: Magic Step//Necklace: Francescas//Belt: Forever 21//
Earrings: souvenir from Hawaii

Dear Chores,
I'm sick of you.

Dear Prayer,
Thanks for keeping me uplifted with all the mini meltdowns I've been having lately.

<3 Bri


Melu103 said...

Dear Bri's husband: i want pan dulce too you know .. lol

about the hair ..what products
are you using love? that might
be causing it ... try changing the
shampoo and conditioner ..
shampoo do it twice conditioner
only place it on your tips. I use
to put it all over my hair thinking
it was going to make smooth or
something .. BIG MISTAKE .. it will
leave your hair ready to fry chicken.... greasy and disgusting

:) hope it helps .. if it does
you owe me a pan dulce muahahaha


Elisha said...

I LOVE LOVE THESEEE!!!! and you are toooo prettyyy!(:

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

Aww your hubby takes care of you! I love it when my husband takes care of me and even sits through movies I love that he is ambivalent about (*ahem*BeautyandtheBeast3D*ahem*). Yay for no more braces! I'm excited for you, I know they're no fun. I also have trouble with flat hair - I tend to use volumizing sprays, but it can also flatten out all on its own : (


Alana Christine said...

I can't wait to see that movie!
Yay for getting your braces off soon!
I have the same problem with my eyebrows... : (

Kara Renee said...

Hahah my hair is the same after one stupid day! Can't wait to see the beautiful pictures of Hawaii. :)

Jenny said...

I think your eyebrows are fantastic! Oh, and I get greasy hair after one day's annoying.
Modern Modest Beauty

Vanessa Mercado said...

nice pics!! love it...

visit my blog too...


Vanessa Mercado said...

nice pics!! love it...

visit my blog too...


Charlotte said...

Nice pics, and your texts are so funny! I have the same problem with my eyebrows ;)

Courtney said...


Have you ever tried a dry shampoo after one day of not washing? My hair gets really greasy and oily as well but I really only like to shampoo every other day. I use a dry shampoo - I really like the Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo - and it really helps...most of them come out white and will make you look grey if you don't rub it in well, but once you rub it in, it creates nice texture and the greasy/oily look goes away.

Hope that helps,

P.S. I just started reading your blog and love it. I have started my own but it is not quite ready to be revealed yet! =)

Lou from Foxy Whiskers said...

Haha! The eyebrows! ME TOO!
My eyebrows are white blonde, so when I don't colour them they are non existent!
Love these little letters!

Lou x

Courtney said...


I remembered the name of the dry shampoo, it's Klorane. It works fantastic!