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March 16, 2012

Was that today or tomorrow?...

 I totally thought today was Saint Patricks day.
I can never remember when St. Pattys day even is.
Is it really even that important of a holiday?!

I feel like Saint Pattys is for wearing green and drinking lots of beer and celebrating leprechauns.
Anddd because I don't drink, and have a fear of leprechauns or anything of that gnome-y nature...
that just leaves me to wearing green.

And yes, I may be thinking of Kermit's "It's Not Easy Being Green" right now.
Now you are too. HA!
I will really take any excuse to dress up in a festive color/outfit though.
You see, I'm game every holiday!

Halloween coming up?
Totally wearing my black&orange toe socks.
And making costumes.

Lots of hearts, pink, red, and sparkly things were involved.

4th of July?
Ummm, redwhiteandblue all the way.

Holy moly, our house was a candy winter wonderland.

You can bet I'll be wearing bright pastel-y stuff, Ryan & I will be dying eggs while opening our easter baskets.
 Sweater, Tank top: Loft//Dress: H&M//Shoes: Ross//Earrings: Francescas Boutique//Necklace: gift//Purse: Magic Step.

And can I just say that I love that Wal-Mart indulges in my holiday madness?
Right at the front of the store, at the right time, they always have their holiday aisles updated.

And yes, I will buy festive candy for my candy jars.
Even if I don't even eat it and it's just for decoration.

<3 Bri

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Grace Wainwright said...

those earrings are stunning! and I can never remember when st. patty's day is either until I turn on the tv and see intoxicated people on the news with mass amounts of green. then I realize, I should probably put green on because with my luck, a little kid will pinch me at the grocery or something. regardless, i hope you had a lovely "holiday"!

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