Breezy Days: Decade of Decisions


March 13, 2012

Decade of Decisions

Your 20's are the "decade of decisions".
Such an exciting, thrilling, and mysterious time in our lives.
Don't you think?

In those years you typically: find who you will marry, decide on a major, graduate college, apply for grad school, choose a career, move to various locations for work, to be closer or farther away from family, decide when to have children, where to settle down, etc.

Those decisions affect the rest of your life.
That's a little daunting to think about, huh?
We have been to mission farewells, and are looking forward to some mission homecomings.
We currently have 3 weddings in the works for this summer. 
My brother/bff will be leaving for his 2 year mission this summer.
{Don't know what a mission is? Click here.}
Friends are dating and heading towards the alter. 
And hopefully none of my friends are having babies yet, I might have a heart attack.

But then again it's always fun to shop in the 'lil nugget section.
You know what scares me though?
Is being stagnant, not progressing, plateauing in life and thinking:
"Welp, this is as good as it's gonna get"

It's always a better risk to constantly look towards the future and make choices to move your life forward, even if you trip up and make a few mistakes.
Or get stressed out of your mind for no reason {ahem, like me}.

Cause then at least you are learning, growing, and heading in the right direction.
Dress: Anthropologie//Heels: Target//Necklace: Francescas Boutique


I'm so excited for all my friends & family moving forward with their lives.
Choosing to accomplish and work towards great things!

Anyone have any exciting events that are coming up this spring/summer?
Any occasions that warrant an excuse to go all out shopping for a new outfit? ;)
{You know I'm game.}

<3 Bri

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Jenny said...

I love this dress! And I also have a fear of my life hitting a plateau, but deep down I know that is not going to happen!

Messy said...

This is a greta post! I needed to hear that! Thanks!


PS: I am writing a "My Faves" post for tomorrow and I have picked you so make sure you check it out later :)

The Mrs. and The Momma said...

Well said, Bri. Weddings, homecomings, etc. are so fun! Hope you are enjoying your springtime!!!!

The Mrs. and The Momma

Unknown said...

what is a mission? I hear all you girls talk about your hubbies doing this, but i dont know exactly what it is!