Breezy Days: Jennifer Love Hewitt


June 6, 2012

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I really don't have that much to say today.
Other than I'm tired & need a bubble bath.
I'm going to watch The Client List because I love Jennifer Love Hewitt.
And yes, I did watch all the seasons of Ghost Whisperer just because she was in it.

She is short, curvy, has these big brown eyes, and has freaking awesome hair.
Plus in every show she is in, she has the same puppy dog eyes expression once she finds out anything vital to the episode's intriguing yet predictable plot.
I appreciate that I can expect this same look from her, in any episode of any show she is in.
If I was a brunette, I would wish to be her.
Just sayin'.
What are my fave tv shows right now you ask?
So You Think You Can Dance, Drop Dead Diva, The Client List, New Girl, and I need to catch up on my Gossip Girl.
Also, if you were wondering, Ryan retreats to his man cave to watch SportsCenter once any of these shows grace the television screen. 
Top: Loft//Skirt: Anthropologie//Sandals: LA Fashion District//Lipstick: Covergirl Spellbound//Necklace: gift.

Hope you all have an awesome possum Friday manana :)

<3 Bri 


Sinead said...

I quite enjoy The Client List actually. Its cheesy and fun to watch!! Oh and I love me some New Girl and Gossip Girl

Birdie said...

So you think you can dance!!!

Courtney said...

So You Think You Can Dance is amazing!! My New Girl episodes have not been recording, have there been new ones??

Bree said...

I loveeee sytycd!!

Unknown said...

your teefsies look awful nice without dem braces!!!

make sure you stop by and enter my giveaway love!

Maddi said...

I love love love Drop Dead Diva! And I don't know anyone who watches it! So i'm incredibly happy that you do!

huecmpm said...

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