Breezy Days: The Story of Us: Meeting the Fam {Part 10}


March 21, 2012

The Story of Us: Meeting the Fam {Part 10}

For everyone who is new here, let me tell you what this whole saga is all about.
Let me first warn you though, that this is an installment that I write sporadically.
I'm not a very good at keeping a rigid blog schedule, I pretty much post things when I feel like it.

These are short 'lil installments narrating the story of how I met, fell in love, and decided to marry Ryan.
They are short & sweet with lots of pictures, and have some fun internal dialogue!

But don't fret, you can catch up!
Just head on over to "The Story of Us" tab where all the previous installments are linked :)
After our Disneyland adventures, Ryan and I had a double date with one of my best friends from back home, Megan, and her boyfriend Andy.
All four of us went out to eat, laughed, and then we split up into couples and walked around the outdoor mall lit by the tiny 'lil twinkle lights.

Walking around in the starlight mall, I was starting to realize that Ryan got along with pretty much everyone in my life that was important to me.
Which was a trait that I was not particularly used to in a boyfriend.
Originally the trip down to southern California was to meet my family, for him to meet up with cousins, and for us to have a good time. I mean, we had only know each other a month and a half before this trip.
It was just for fun, right?

It definitely turned into something wayyy more than "just" a fun trip.
It was a test.
A test to see if he would fit, like a puzzle piece, into my world.
I didn't realize that this was what the trip had turned into,.
 As soon as I came to this conclusion, I thought aloud to Ryan that I might have considered breaking up with him if he didn't get along with my family & friends. 
If that were the case, then our relationship wouldn't be able to go much further.
I had already dealt with this kind of heartache in high school, and did not want to re-live it.

He laughed and said something cocky like the following:
"Good thing everyone just loves me right? (insert smirk)"

We were like two peas in a pod.
Both of us love being in social situations.
 We're both confident, motivated, constantly progressing and improving ourselves.
And most of all, I could trust him and he could trust me.
The bestest of friends.
We ended the weekend with the family at brunch, then started our 10 hour trek back up to Provo, UT.

On the drive home, I could tell that something was on his mind.
 I asked him what he was thinking about, while driving and still looking ahead he reached for my hand, intertwined his fingers with mine, and said:
"You are the girl I have always dreamed about....the girl I've always prayed for. My angel."
{All the pictures from December 2010}

He looked away from the long road ahead, and gave me a genuine, loving, and heart warming smile.
I had butterflies punching my stomach lining and a permanent smile on my face when I quietly looped my arm into his, laid my head on his buff shoulder, and gazed out the window thinking:
"He might be the one."

<3 Bri


oomph. said...

that is so sweet! it certainly is important that your significant other gets along with your family. family is everything to me...


Halie Renee said...

These stories are precious! I've been wondering when the next one would come. :) And I can't wait to read more in the future!

Kaylyn said...

I love reading your blog, especially your stories about your meeting!

Bree said...

Ga! So cute. I just caught up on all the stories. :) Can't wait for the next one!

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say, you got me hooked on these stories. Hoping the next one comes soon. :)

Katia said...

This was super duper heart warming to read! I just found your blog, it is so sweet & you two are so so cute together :)


The Millers said...

I'm new to your blog, and love it! You two are SO adorable. Xx

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Another adorable installment, girl!

Jan said...

I just got goosebumps! This is sooooo sweet! :D