Breezy Days: Workout Reverie


March 29, 2012

Workout Reverie

Today was the first day I've worked out in TWO WEEKS.
For me that is slightly unheard of.
Ok, it used to be slightly unheard of.
{Today's protein shake & workout gear}

I used the Nike Trainer app on the iphone {which is the btw}, worked out hardcore for a half hour, then in the midst of my huffing and puffing I started to think:
"Gosh, what the heck happened?!"

 Moving to a new state, college, boy woes, meeting the right boy, having melanoma surgery, re-cooping, getting married, moving to Portland, regretting Portland, moving back to Utah, moving into a new apartment, finishing school, more stress, and la di da di da.
I guess that's just life happenin', right?

All my life I've been physically active. 
I've played basketball my whole life, I have always gone to the gym, for 2 years of high school I played on the Varsity Tennis team, and ballroom dance classes consumed my life during my freshmen & sophomore year of college.
{After a Samba comp. I made it to quarterfinals, dancing in the division above me! *early 2010*}

You guys didn't know that stuff huh?
I may not have been the absolute best at ballroom dancing, but gosh did I love it.
I picked up a tennis racket sophomore year of high school, tried out for the team, and made Varsity that year. {Granted we weren't that good, but hey, Varsity is still decent!}
Just thinking about dancing or playing tennis makes me happy.

Yup, at one point in my life I wasn't consumed with homework, family, life, work, sickness and chores.
And constantly having an excuse to not work out was not a common thing.
{After the Tango mock competition. *Oct 2010*}

But you know what?
I'm going to change that.
After my workout high today, I just HAVE to.
I'm tired of being achy and tired of saying "Ok, I'm going to Zumba THIS week".
Finally, I'm ready to put my body and health at the top of my priority list.

Anyone up for a tennis match this next week? ;)

<3 Bri

--Reverie definition: A state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts, a daydream, nostalgic of the past


Jan said...

Tennis match, sure! As long as you teach me how first. Last time I played, I was 8yo I think - that's pretty much 17 years ago! Haha.


Amy said...

Stumbled upon your blog today while at work (shh... don't tell my boss). I can say I'm so glad I'm now a new follower!

And I've just started working out too. If I'm ever in Utah, I'll definitely play you in tennis. :)

Cait Emma said...

ughh you are such a good girl ha - i'm totally bad about working out, its definitely gotta be something more stimulating than a treadmill!

Julie Marie said...

well that was inspiring. given that i have spent the last 6 months making excuses...which is SO unlike me as well... hopefully that motivated me enough to go to zumba this week again =) thanks.

Petchie said...

I really need to start working out more often too, I downloaded the nike training app too, I just need to figure out how to use it now! ha