Breezy Days: The Mrs. & The Momma


April 20, 2012

The Mrs. & The Momma

I made it through finals!
Thanks for all your kind words & encouragement!

Now I'm in sunny So-Cal on my mini-vacay with the husby soakin' up some sunshine.
HOLY CRAP. It's 90 degrees and SUNNY here.
Totes breaking out the shorts, flow-y tops, swimsuits and sandals.
Mmmmm, my natural habitat :)

I post swapped with Kristen cause she is cute/fun/awesome momma & has rockin' style!
Check her out!
Not in the creepy way...but you know what I mean ;)
Hey there, Breezy Days readers!  I'm Kristen from The Mrs. and The Momma.  So nice to meet you!
So, my husband and I have know each other since we were kids, and we have four little munchkies (and when I say 'little', I mean oldest is in Kindergarden).
I like to consider my blog three parts fashion, one part life, and one part family...although that precise math is subject to change.  I'm a lover of cold-weather clothes {I loathe Texas summers}, chunky jewelry, Star Wars, sushi, girls' nights, fireworks, the smell of babies, getting dressed up, history, and mostly importantly-Sour Patch Watermelons.
Come on over to visit The Mrs. and The Momma and give me a holler! I promise I'll holla back!


Ashley said...

Yay! You're in my neck of the woods!!! Have fun down here this weekend. It's supposed to be a warm one

Katia said...

I love her last outfit here with the watermelon combo of skirt & shoes ;) ! Great style!

Have a good mini vacay!


Nicole said...

Lovey! Love the green skirt.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Oh my goodness your fashion sense is too awesome!!

Cait Emma said...

aww kristen youre so beautiful! so glad to meet you!

Kristina Clemens said...

What an absolutely beautiful post! Love the killer style! That green skirt is AH-mazing! =)

Kristina J.

Sandy a la Mode said...

love her style!!

Unknown said...

Love the black jacket in the first photo
The dress in the second one
and the green skirt in the last photo is adorable! :)