Breezy Days: A Spanish Bridal Shower


July 29, 2012

A Spanish Bridal Shower

I just realized that it's been almost two weeks since I threw this bridal shower, and I'm just now getting around to posting these pictures. 
Yup, I've been enjoying my blogger vacay by reading books, not cleaning or doing dishes, sleeping, eating greek yogurt with granola, and going to work. 
Living the life and totes not apologizing for it!
Although, I did miss you guys.

If you have been around Breezy Days for a while, you know that I pretty post about the same 5 people over and over. 
Ya, obviously I love my few bff's and family way too much and should probably branch out. 
{Bahaha, good joke}
Alexa is one of my bestest friends and consequently, a blog star here on Breezy Days. 
I wrote about her surprise birthday party turned proposal here :)
I met Alexa my Freshmen year here at BYU and we hit if off right quick.
Talking about our love for singing and jazz music, it was just meant to be!
Alexa is getting married THIS FRIDAY in flaming hot Arizona, so we will making the trek down there this Wednesday with our 'lil carpool group with Holmes {pretty much a family member here at the Rios household}, and a fellow bridesmaid Alex.
Benexa is having a Spanish themed formal wedding including: a temple marriage at the Mesa temple, a family luncheon, a fancy shmancy reception with a head table, flamenco dance and Spanish guitar performances....aka it's gonna be intense.

Why a Spanish theme you ask?
Alexa is part white, Chinese, and Peruvian whereas Ben is full Japanese but served his LDS mission in Spain. 
Um, coolest couple ever??
Ben, Ryan, Alexa's dad & 'lil brother all went out for a boy's night bowling and eating, while we celebrated Alexa's soon-to-be marriage at the yellow brick house!
Yummy Kneaders tarts, brownie cake, freezing cold lemon water, strawberries, and other assorted veggies were in attendance...yummmmmm.
Ryan & I are wayyyy freaking stoked for Benexa, being married is too legit.
Plus we are excited for our mini-vacation this weekend, hours of movies during the drive down, eating delicious food, hitting up the pool, hanging with friends, and an awesome wedding.
What is more exciting than that?

<3 Bri 

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Bev said...

those paper pom poms are cute!!! i had those too!!

looks like a fun group of gals!